sábado, 16 de marzo de 2013

EL SER UNO “THE ONE BEING”, “CLEVER SANCHEZ”, ECUADOR, awareness, love, understanding and knowledge ........!!!



"You have traveled many lives, relive the memories and the power of love, to continue on the journey of the pilgrim.
Having extrasensory experiences, see light bodies, get referrals, have premonitory dreams, intuition through the sensitivity of the inner senses, making guesses or prophecy, healing with the laying on of hands and more, is a natural part of all the children of the universe .

Those who do not feel or do not live these experiences in their wake, should not be less nor different.
These qualities arouse some before and some after.
Many times the density of matter and not let the energy is expressed, pretending to be, that by living the sensations of feeling, is in the way and the other not.

Not so, every soul is expressed in different ways, the high energy sensitivity lives in every being, is within each one, do not ever hesitate.
The subtlety of energy are the answers, in the everyday, in the acts, actions and thoughts.

Do not expect great events and exaggerated expressions.
Who usually has more detailed these experiences, it is because they are mystical beings who need to feel to believe.
There is no greater happiness than to see and feel, being ... is ... this is the true path of light and love, is the purest expression of the heart and soul.

The soul needs no real feeling, just need to know deeply that your way is right.
The feelings are human feelings that being needed as a check on himself "...



Launch of books I & II, videos and audiobooks(process of developing)

– THE ONE BEING "EL SER UNO" – ENGLISH & SPANISH  "Your mastery as a doctor of the soul and awakening of consciousness"


Our brothers partners Argentina and several countries are supporting us, for the diffusion and transmission of knowledge: "EL SER UNO" The being one, producing the videos. We are real teams Lightworkers, anonymous and altruistic, because with our attitude, we can show and set the example, you do not need the ambition, profit and money in order to transmit knowledge that came to us as the Sun .. we donate free and free. 

This work has been done with love, whose only feeling is deep, spread the knowledge, understanding and love ... Being one, given our Big Brothers - Ayaplianos, for all of us that we are in search of internal responses. The Universe grateful altruistic and selfless collaboration of HUMAN anonymous offering their services for the spiritual growth of humanity ... WE ARE ALL, WE ARE ONE….."EL SER UNO"







Be pleased to distribute this information and network forms of knowledge, understanding and Love.

Without knowledge, NO LIVE
Without understanding, I do not exist
Without LOVE, NO I AM





"Dr. Clever Sanchez"
Who has been nourished by
these five volumes for years, from when they left and here I am recommending that reflect, are wonderful, they give you all complementing our quest to move forward ........... wonderful moments and blessed are those who are living in the now, my precious brothers.




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